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About Us

Scofield Trading provides home study courses and personal mentor courses enabling you to easily learn to trade the financial markets the smart way. In just 20 minutes each evening our course can help anyone, whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced trader, start making TAX FREE income from home or anywhere in the world no matter what background you’re from!

Scofield Trading is an exceptional group of talented traders who approach the financial markets in a conservative systematic professional way. Scofield Trading has years of experience within the financial markets and currently manages a large private fund which initially started off with just a few thousand a few years ago.

Over time the last few years we have had requests from a number of people asking questions like, ‘where can we learn how to trade?’ ‘Where can we go to learn these simple strategies take like up minimum time?’ and ‘can you teach me to do the same?’ We started with a few YouTube videos and the feedback was fantastic, this prompted us to put together a simple educational course which is now available to buy through the courses section of our website.

We starting out by learning the financial markets ourselves with no previous experience so we understand it can be a daunting experience, however we are here to guide you and even offer 1 to 1 mentor sessions on one of our trading floors where we can personally help you become highly successful.

Courses can be expensive and cost thousands of pounds to take on, especially when you want maximum capital to trade with. At Scofield Trading, our courses are totally affordable for everyone and available to anyone anywhere in the world! Once you have purchased 1 of our courses the journey doesn’t just stop there, here at Scofield Trading we are a community, so along with our course you will gain FREE access to our members only site and here you will have access to useful links to source trades and help you gain more experience and knowledge. Also our traders are constantly blogging ideas and visions on the market and will aim to give more improvement. There is also a chat forum where we all (including ourselves) have full group discussions. We also host meetup events in central London which is also FREE and all of our Scofield Trading team will be there.

Our aim was to change our lives and become financially free which we did; now our aim is to change yours.